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New Zealand Sourced

Where possible, we source our raw materials right here in New Zealand to create a superior quality end product. For example our colostrum is sourced from dairy cows grazing on New Zealand’s clean, green pastures and our green lipped mussels are sourced from the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand. 

We use the finest of ingredients that are sourced in New Zealand, and high quality ingredients from overseas when these are not available locally. Most raw materials sourced are organic, herbicide & pesticide free and meet domestic and overseas quality requirements, complying with our SQI HACCP (Food Safety) system including GMP and RMP which are based on the application of HACCP principles, and includes Codex Alimentarius. Several raw materials have also been certified as organic by ECOCERT SA to USDA Organic Program standards and EU standards. Several materials used by New Zealand Nutritionals have been sourced from farms certified organic by ECOA accredited authorities of the countries complying with EEC regulations for organic practices


Colostrum: Our Colostrum comes from cows grazing New Zealand’s clean, green pastures. It’s a natural product and GMO FREE, rich in growth factors such as IGF-1.

Green Lipped Musse

Green Lipped Mussel: Our Green Lipped Mussel is hand-cultivated on mussel farming lines in the clean coastal waters of New Zealand. It is widely used in joint formulas.

Echinacea Deer Blood: Our Deer Blood is sourced from New Zealand deer farms. It is famous amongst the Asian market for its excellent quality. deer velvet

Deer Velvet: Our Deer Velvet is sourced from New Zealand deer farms. It is famous amongst the Asian market for its excellent quality.